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Though 2017  was a busy year mixing international versions for Disney and Paramount, there was still time to mix the romantic comedy Finding Fatima. It was a very quick turnaround with the film being released by ICON within weeks of completing the mix.


Meanwhile, the horror short Green Lake continues to sweep up the awards, including the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival award for best Sound Design.

2018 looks to be another exciting year.  NDA's prevent me from giving anymore information, but keep watching this space.




Pip Norton started her career at the BBC,  

mixing such classics as Blue Peter, Casualty and Songs of Praise. She left to join George Martin's Air Studios, where she continued to mix drama for BBC and ITV, before shifting her focus from TV to Film.

It was whilst at Air that Pip won the Best Dubbing Mixer Conch. In 2009 she left Air to become freelance.

Pip has always worked across all genres, believing enhancing the story is  important, whether it's told through drama or docmentary.

Whether you just need a mixer or whether you need a full audio post production package Pip Norton Audio can help.  We have our  own pro tools for tracklaying, pre mixing and unattended final mixes. For attended final mixes, we have a selection of theatres to dry hire, covering all budgets.